Friday, October 17, 2014

The Bell on Sembreak*

Today, the bell is no more.
Tomorrow, the bell shall be.
I miss the sound of the seminary bell.
The bell whose omnidirectional sound
pervades throughout the seminary premises
The bell whose sound calls sixty young hearts to unity.
I miss the sound of the bell.
The bell that shouts loudly in the morning
The bell that’s as majestic as the rising of the sun
The bell whose grandeur wakes you up at dawn
And whose strength forcefully pulls you away
Away from slumber land.
I really miss the sound of that bell.
The bell that rattles Ely away
That signals the beginning and end of a scheduled activity
The bell that communicates that we can start to play
O how I miss the angelic sound of the bell
That plays the role of the voice of God
The bell that calls a seminarian to pray
To recite the Hours of the day
To celebrate the Great Thanksgiving.
Truly do I miss the sound of the bell
For at home, there is none that I can hear
Except that EWTN rosary exhortation.
How can I be reminded of my rule of life
Without the pervasive sound of the bell?
O bell, O bell!
O bell that takes my heart away.
O bell that transforms the seminary into a monastery.
O bella bell, O beautiful bell.
Unfortunately today, the bell is no more.
But oh, tomorrow, the bell shall surely be.

written October 16, 2014, one day after leaving the seminary for sembreak

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